Stories connect us. Share your own!

woman using laptop on the floor

We all have stories to tell.

How did you find Tango or how did Tango find you?
How has Tango changed your life and how have your life events changed your Tango?
Which tanda will you remember forever or which one do you want to forget?

Which tanda changed you?… inspired you?… made you stick?… made you fall in love?
Which event will you never forget?

How did you overcome the biggest challenges you faced in Tango?
What events, persons, and experiences helped you in your journey of far and how?
What experiences do you wish for your best friends?
And so many more…

There is always a story or more behind all these questions. Stories worthy of sharing. Stories that connect us.

Now is your time.

Write your story and I will take care to publish it in a special section of the site dedicated to YOUR stories. Don’t worry about length, writing style etc…. just write it the same way you would tell it to a friend.

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