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The Goodnight Tango Facebook group is a private group where we simply discuss and exchange ideas, views, and opinions on various topics around… tango (what else?).

It is also the place where you can provide feedback on the existing posts, have fun and help me with inspiration for new topics and articles!

Latest posts

  • How to create change

    How to create change

    Recently there was an article in Medium by a Zouk dancer who tried to get in a milonga in NY and felt the rejection and the disrespect (to say the least) of the dancers there. I also have discussed a lot over the few years…

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  • Am I lazy?

    Am I lazy?

    Recently, however, I bumped into a very interesting video exactly about all this industry of self-help and continuous never-ending self-improvement. One of the major points in this self-improvement mentality is that if you choose to follow it you are implicitly accepting that you need improvement. That you are not good…

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  • Smart-asses and social intelligence

    Smart-asses and social intelligence

    I was taking German classes for almost 3 years. During those 3 years of online classes, we got to meet in person 3 times. It was not for a lesson. It was just a social gathering. During class time our teacher would encourage us to speak and would often correct…

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  • Contagious harmony

    Contagious harmony

    “I miss the harmony. Looking at the people dancing, I miss the harmony. It’s like I see people fighting.” She told me in the after-marathon milonga casually discussing her experience. I asked for more explanation but she couldn’t really give me an example to understand what she meant. Sometimes it…

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  • Trust me… I am a professional

    Trust me… I am a professional

    For a long time, I was convinced. I thought, maybe they were right. Maybe I was too scared or too inexperienced. Recently, I visited an event again with some professionals behaving like that. Breaking rules, taking up too much space, changing lanes unpredictably etc. I can’t say that 2 more…

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  • Designers and DJs who want to stand out

    Designers and DJs who want to stand out

    Designers who want to differentiate themselves try to deviate from these patterns and often fall victim to what is called familiarity bias. If you put for example the contact information of a website on the bottom but in the middle left area people will take more time to find that…

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  • Precision, recall and musicality

    Precision, recall and musicality

    Frequently, in discussions with friends, they tell me that they like such and such dancers because they find them very musical. When I ask for more details on why they think so, they have a very hard time explaining what exactly it is that they do. The answer is usually…

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Top 3 of 2023

  • Tango addicts and dealers

    Tango addicts and dealers

    If we, as dancers, are addicts, this makes the event organizers our “drug” dealers… our Tango-drug dealers. Especially the ones in our local community. They organize events where we can get our dose of Tandas. When there is a market opportunity, for example, an area or a time slot where there is no event some…

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  • Men, sex and Tango

    Men, sex and Tango

    A common misconception as already mentioned is that people who dance Tango, do so because they are trying to find a love partner. Even worse some men might think it’s a nice opportunity to hook up with lots of women and spice up their sex life. I already wrote that these misconceptions often lead to…

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  • Dialog vs fight

    Dialog vs fight

    Tango is also a social dance and being social means that it needs to integrate differences. It includes people from different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, styles, etc., and brings them all together in its embrace. Its history is full of differences and disagreements between styles, orchestras, generations, etc. Being social means that inevitably there will be…

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