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Posts that examine paralleles between Tango and language

  • The tango vocabulary illusion

    The tango vocabulary illusion

    On all this analysis I was struggling to figure out, how on earth can you get away with a limited vocabulary and still manage to have interesting if not mind and soul-blowing conversations. I mean… I manage to have dances that blow my mind and my soul without the knowledge of the whole vocabulary. Is…


  • The limited vocabulary problem

    The limited vocabulary problem

    Linguists support that a person needs about 800 words for a basic conversation and 8000 in order to reach a native speaker level. In addition, Albert Mechrabian who was a psychologist at the University of California in Los Angeles suggested in his research that around 7% of our communication happens based on the actual language…


  • Are there mistakes in Tango?

    Are there mistakes in Tango?

    So this is why Al Pacino’s phrase actually makes sense. It is a matter of perspective. Once you change it, you realize how different can your and your partner’s experience become.


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