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  • Au revoir

    Au revoir

    In our lives, people come and go all the time. People we meet randomly in our everyday routines, colleagues, relatives, parents, friends, partners, all kinds of different relationships… close and not. Sometimes, separations are difficult… full of pain…. tears… broken hearts. Sometimes separations are easier… happier… joyful. Sometimes they are bittersweet… happy and sad at…


  • The best compliment

    The best compliment

    I wrote the other day about the last tandas and I don’t think I mentioned that for me telling someone “I think, this was my last tanda for tonight” is one of the best (if not the best) compliments. Your partner tells you that they feel so complete and happy for the night or the…


  • A last tanda to remember

    A last tanda to remember

    A long time ago I wrote about the “last tanda”… not literally the last one, but the one you dance and you feel complete and ready to get back home in peace. A few days ago in a marathon, I bumped into a friend on the first night of the event, and when I ask…


  • Live means alive!

    Live means alive!

    I recently had the opportunity to dance to two different orchestras playing live. After the long covid break, it felt like I’d never done it before. I was trying to think why it feels so much better when you dance to live music. After some thought, I realized that the solution to the mystery lies…


  • When DiSarli sounds like D’Arienzo

    When DiSarli sounds like D’Arienzo

    We danced a super nice tanda and she was complimenting me and how I evolved in my dancing. I returned the compliments since she has also evolved quite a lot since we both started dancing… and then she says… “Yes… this D’Arienzo Tanda was super!”… and I respond… “Actually… it was Di Sarli… but you…


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