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  • Why do you dance Tango?

    Why do you dance Tango?

    Why should we wait for a few professionals to win their battle with the devil and get their performances promoting social tango? Also, a performance is never done in a social context. The floor is never crowded, you cannot see the respect to your fellow dancers, and you cannot see the social dimension of the…


  • Charity or investment?

    Charity or investment?

    One of the doubts that came up in the discussion about trophy tandas was the doubt of the dancer who is receiving the trophy tanda whether the other dancer dances with them out of pity or obligation (naming it usually as charity tanda) or whether they really want to dance with them.


  • Inspiring stories

    Inspiring stories

    “You look so passionate when you talk about Tango!” a colleague of mine told me at a recent dinner with my team from work. Indeed, when I start speaking about Tango with a group of people who are not dancers I light up! You can see in my body language that I am excited about…


  • How to create change

    How to create change

    Recently there was an article in Medium by a Zouk dancer who tried to get in a milonga in NY and felt the rejection and the disrespect (to say the least) of the dancers there. I also have discussed a lot over the few years of running this blog about similar issues and I have…


  • Smart-asses and social intelligence

    Smart-asses and social intelligence

    I was taking German classes for almost 3 years. During those 3 years of online classes, we got to meet in person 3 times. It was not for a lesson. It was just a social gathering. During class time our teacher would encourage us to speak and would often correct our pronunciation or grammar or…


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