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I wrote the other day about the last tandas and I don’t think I mentioned that for me telling someone “I think, this was my last tanda for tonight” is one of the best (if not the best) compliments. Your partner tells you that they feel so complete and happy for the night or the event after this specific tanda. It should make you feel so happy even if you did not fully enjoy the tanda yourself.

Now, I have to admit, I am awful at giving compliments (at least verbally) at the end of a tanda. The most important reason for that is that when I dance a super nice tanda… we are silent for about 10 minutes talking only with our bodies…. with our embraces. When the tanda was super nice… we both felt it…. we both danced it… we both experienced it… so… what’s the point of commenting further on it? Furthermore… words just fail me at that moment…. the brain loses all vocabulary in all languages and it’s like hitting the reboot on your computer! Yes… sometimes I just simply don’t have words for it… even the “Thank you” that I often say… feels so little!

So… if you want a compliment… feel how I embrace you after the tanda ends… how long do we keep the embrace there… how I sometimes nudge you with my hand on your back… how long does the dreamy smile on my face stay… how I walk (or better fly) back to my place after our tanda! Small signs of me being pleased by dancing with you. I know that these are stronger compliments than any words… because when I notice them in you… I feel much happier too.

So tonight’s Goodnight Tango is a vals describing exactly the feeling you should look for in me, after our tanda… as a compliment for you!


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