A last tanda to remember

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A long time ago I wrote about the “last tanda”… not literally the last one, but the one you dance and you feel complete and ready to get back home in peace.

A few days ago in a marathon, I bumped into a friend on the first night of the event, and when I ask him how did he enjoy the event so far he says… “I danced one Tanda and it was so nice that I think It could easily be my last one too”

A few months earlier in a milonga, I heard it from a partner after the end of the tanda we were dancing… “After this tanda… I think I can go back home“… she said. We both knew it wasn’t meant literally.

A few years ago in a marathon just before the corona pause, I had the luck to experience a last tanda both literally and metaphorically! It all worked out and I managed to dance it with one of my favorite partners from the event. It was a nice memory to keep during the hard times of covid.

But… a few days ago… in this same marathon where the friend experienced a “last tanda” in his first dance of the event… I had the opportunity to experience many such metaphorical last tandas and most amazingly of all… I was so lucky to dance once again a literal and metaphorical last tanda!

Yes, my actual last tanda… was one to remember!

Can you get anything better than that?

Oh… wait… yes… you can… if the tanda starts with the masterpiece that I am posting for tonight’s Goodnight Tango!


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