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  • Imagine


    In a podcast some time ago… I have listened to the phrase that the world would be a much better place if all the people knew how to dance Tango. Well, it’s obviously an exaggeration, but these days I can’t help thinking how trivial differences that lead to wars become when we embrace each other.…


  • Paralyzed


    One of the comments in a recent Goodnight Tango post was that I could describe feelings with my words like a photographer captures a nice picture with his lens. Unfortunately, I can’t describe the feelings, the pain, the stress, the agony that some friends (many of them among my tango friends) are going through these…


  • Una vez

    Una vez

    You don’t know her… she doesn’t know you… your eyes meet… you nod… she nods back and there you go… a new experience is being born for both of you. Sometimes this new experience is so powerful… so overwhelming… so unique… that even between songs you don’t want to break the embrace… you are not…


  • What is you focus?

    What is you focus?

    I remember my teacher sometimes when he was watching us dancing before class and then commenting on all the wrong things we did technically when we were dancing. He sometimes seemed like he had an obsession with technique… and in some cases, I was thinking… well what’s the problem if you don’t do a perfect…


  • 5 in 1

    5 in 1

    In my previous post, I wrote how some tango songs seem to strike a perfect macaroon-like balance between different elements in their music and how this makes them irresistible! Extending this line of thought one could think the same about dancing. If a perfect song makes you want to listen to it again and again…


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