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One of the comments in a recent Goodnight Tango post was that I could describe feelings with my words like a photographer captures a nice picture with his lens.

Unfortunately, I can’t describe the feelings, the pain, the stress, the agony that some friends (many of them among my tango friends) are going through these days. I have never experienced something similar and I cannot even imagine what it feels like. Seeing your country getting bombed… the places you lived marked forever from yet another war… the people you love being trapped fearing for their lives… not knowing when you will hear from them again… and even worse being there trying to survive. I cannot even dare to imagine all this… whenever I try to get in your shoes… I just freeze… get paralyzed from the sheer fear.

This Goodnight Tango has no Tango song to accompany it. The only thing I can write is that my thoughts, my hugs, my wishes, my prays and my heart goes out to all of you out there. Hope to see you all smiling again


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