Una vez

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You don’t know her… she doesn’t know you… your eyes meet… you nod… she nods back and there you go… a new experience is being born for both of you. Sometimes this new experience is so powerful… so overwhelming… so unique… that even between songs you don’t want to break the embrace… you are not curious to ask names… cities… etc… nothing. You just want to stay there. You just want to enjoy the moment, absorb it, feel each other’s heartbeat, and breathe as much as possible!

So you stay there until the next song… you slightly refresh the embrace… breath in… breath out… and start moving on the melodies of the next song… and this little routine repeats… again and again until the cortina comes and you still want to stay there… like this was not already enough.

Then… the feeling starts subsiding… your head starts thinking again… and your heart starts beating again normally… so… you separate and leave the floor. Until the next time… you think.

But sometimes you know there will be no next time. It may just be that one and only time. So you take it as it is fresh in your mind and your heart and try to lock it up somewhere in you and treasure it forever. Just like this, the next tanda has already started and maybe some new treasure is waiting for you out there!… Go for it!

Tonight’s Goodnight Tango is for all these… “one time” that we all treasure somewhere inside us.


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  1. […] there is nothing better for me than to find and dance with a new partner I never danced before and have this amazing connection like we knew each other for years. How could I be sitting for so long in a […]

  2. […] In a previous post, I was writing about how difficult it is to break the embrace after a super nice tanda. Those who had the experience know what I am talking about. Tandas that the embrace is not breaking even between songs… where no words are spoken… where you seem to have immersed to your own little universe… a place where nobody else apart from you, your partner and the music exists. A friend of mine commented back then, that it is hard to break the embrace because you feel like your body is now extended with your partner’s and it is like amputating yourself. Like cutting off a piece of your own body. […]

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