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  • What can Pugliese’s music teach you about life

    What can Pugliese’s music teach you about life

    In the case of the dialog and fight communities, the dialog communities have found the tool to find the way out of it. They discovered their “god from the machine” but they did not let him solve the problem alone. They moved their hand too… they took action… talked… discussed… compromised and reached the necessary…


  • Dialog vs fight

    Dialog vs fight

    Tango is also a social dance and being social means that it needs to integrate differences. It includes people from different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, styles, etc., and brings them all together in its embrace. Its history is full of differences and disagreements between styles, orchestras, generations, etc. Being social means that inevitably there will be…


  • What if you had the perfect partner?

    What if you had the perfect partner?

    Applications could vary from the very usual Tango teacher who would be able to explain and teach the necessary body mechanics needed for the dance to the equivalent of Taxi dancers. The question is if we as humans would accept them and up to which point?


  • Could Tango DJs become obsolete?

    Could Tango DJs become obsolete?

    Believe it or not… this is what I see as an advantage in this case. I mean, human artists consume a fraction of that input, but mostly they do so intentionally. They know what they want to read, look at, and listen to because they have a formed opinion and a taste.


  • Tango Idoru

    Tango Idoru

    So let’s assume you have software that can write this emotional music that touches you. Would it be enough to have a computer on stage hit the play button and let it play “live”? Would that constitute a live performance? Would you consider this software as an artist? I guess not.


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