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  • Poor looking rich dancers

    Poor looking rich dancers

    In Greece, there is a saying that goes like this “You can’t hide money, love and coughing!” The meaning is that like cough someone who is rich or in love cannot hide either of them with their behaviour.  Although I agree on love and cough lately I realized that money can be hidden. Actually, there…


  • Charity or investment?

    Charity or investment?

    One of the doubts that came up in the discussion about trophy tandas was the doubt of the dancer who is receiving the trophy tanda whether the other dancer dances with them out of pity or obligation (naming it usually as charity tanda) or whether they really want to dance with them.


  • When dreams come true

    When dreams come true

    It’s not the first time I’ve listened to this. I have to admit that even the first time I had a trophy tanda I was stressed. Even to this day… after already having some experiences like… sometimes I do feel stressed… I feel my heart beating fast… my mind goes crazy… and this is when…


  • Chasing trophy tandas

    Chasing trophy tandas

    “I made it.”… they told me. “I danced with X.”… mentioning a famous dancer and then we continued our discussion about how it felt etc. Oftentimes people tell me about how they danced with such and such a partner who is someone famous or a teacher or a prominent advanced dancer in some way. I…


  • How to create change

    How to create change

    Recently there was an article in Medium by a Zouk dancer who tried to get in a milonga in NY and felt the rejection and the disrespect (to say the least) of the dancers there. I also have discussed a lot over the few years of running this blog about similar issues and I have…


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