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  • Promotions and responsibilities

    Promotions and responsibilities

    Some advanced dancers will tell you that they don’t want to take on more responsibilities in their lives. They come to Tango to enjoy and have fun. They already have a lot of responsibilities in their lives and don’t want Tango to add more to them. Like the responsibility that is asked is something huge!…


  • Professional hobbyist (snob?) teachers

    Professional hobbyist (snob?) teachers

    It is very rewarding and a bliss to make work on something that started as a hobby. However from the time your hobby becomes your full time job, you get paid for it and you make a living it is getting harder and harder to see it again as a hobby. Therefore it is harder…


  • Maturity


    Empathy on this simple level can certainly make you a very good social dancer and moreover it will certainly help you enjoy so much more from your dance. It is a sign of maturity and respect to your partner who after all (being a professional dancer) could have easily denied your cabeseo.


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