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  • Emotional technique

    Emotional technique

    There is often an impression that technique is kind of the opposite of emotions, or that it hinders you from expressing emotions. Some weeks ago I saw a question about it on a Facebook group. Many people agree that technique is a tool to dance better, therefore communicate better and consequently express emotions. So the…


  • Metaphorically dancing…

    Metaphorically dancing…

    I have never really thought about the connection that metaphors can have with dancing. You can actually dance a melody literally or metaphorically. It dawned on me the other day. I was on a musicality workshop about counter melodies with Horacio Godoy and at some point he told the phrase… “you can do something metaphorical”…


  • How would you react to AI music?

    How would you react to AI music?

    So how can you “protect” yourself from AI art?… and in the end… does it really matter? Do you really want to avoid, or protect yourself from such art?


  • The butterfly effect

    The butterfly effect

    So here you go… the same song… the same melody… and just a tiny detail of a few milliseconds and you get a totally different piece altogether. A few milliseconds on your step and an enormous amount of satisfaction and joy when you make it plus a whole new sensation from the song.


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