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  • What if you had the perfect partner?

    What if you had the perfect partner?

    Applications could vary from the very usual Tango teacher who would be able to explain and teach the necessary body mechanics needed for the dance to the equivalent of Taxi dancers. The question is if we as humans would accept them and up to which point?


  • Tango porn

    Tango porn

    Tango performances are in many cases designed to impress, much like porn videos. They are both shows. The partners even when they improvise, have a considerable amount of training between them to know very well each other to be able to perform complex moves.


  • Hooked


    Tango as a social dance is really another social network. So, what is the investment you build in this network? Your reputation. Everyone wants to be a prominent member… a dancer that attracts others to dance… a dancer who almost always enjoys their tandas.


  • Some like it hot!

    Some like it hot!

    So as an organizer, you can make a decision. Do I want to create a cool or a hot event? If you know you can control the number of cool kids or connectors and accept them.


  • Economy, Tinder and Tango

    Economy, Tinder and Tango

    Organizing events in Tango can be a very challenging task, especially when you try to keep role balance and ensure that the level of dancers will be good enough. But for local milongas, there are sometimes other motives for the organizers (see economical profit) to turn a blind eye to such phenomena.


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