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  • Is it a party or a war?

    Is it a party or a war?

    I had a discussion the other day with a relative of mine who just finished a school for tattoo artists. The discussion evolved around the meaning of having a tattoo and what if you don’t like something after some time. In between other things, he mentioned something that struck me as quite interesting. A tattoo…


  • Designers and DJs who want to stand out

    Designers and DJs who want to stand out

    Designers who want to differentiate themselves try to deviate from these patterns and often fall victim to what is called familiarity bias. If you put for example the contact information of a website on the bottom but in the middle left area people will take more time to find that information. If you do so…


  • Precision, recall and musicality

    Precision, recall and musicality

    Frequently, in discussions with friends, they tell me that they like such and such dancers because they find them very musical. When I ask for more details on why they think so, they have a very hard time explaining what exactly it is that they do. The answer is usually quite vague… Something like… They…


  • Struggling with… noise

    Struggling with… noise

    We had a very interesting conversation last week in the newly founded group about what is musicality. If you haven’t yet joined, do so! I saw so many different responses but amongst them, there was almost always a common pattern. Most people agreed that at some level, musicality means being able to understand the different…


  • The beauty and the beast

    The beauty and the beast

    They aim also to make us look nice when we dance. Improve the aesthetics of our dance. You probably admire those dancers on the floor with nice posture and clean, straight lines when they move. So the question that always bothered me is how much of this technique is functionally necessary and how much is…


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