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  • Open air milongas

    Open air milongas

    Now that Corona seems to leave us and we return to some kind of normal we return also to dancing. Of course, some restrictions still apply and in many places, open-air practicas, milongas, and similar gatherings are organized in all kinds of locations. I was discussing the other day in one such open-air gathering with…


  • I cannot dance to Pugliese

    I cannot dance to Pugliese

    I just can’t hide my geekiness sometimes. When I was writing about bandwidth in the previous post about presence, I was not referring to the actual network bandwidth. I was referring to a different kind of bandwidth… the human communication bandwidth. If you suppose that people are computers and they communicate with each other through…


  • Why you?

    Why you?

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… is about her… or as the title says… “you”. I wrote many days ago about the first time you dance with someone. In that post, I focused on what happens after you start dancing. But in this post, I would like to focus on what happened before. How do you select and…


  • No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like life

    No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like life

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… came to me as an idea for this post… completely by accident. I wanted to write about mistakes… yes… this thing that we think we do when we dance and we immediately “sorry” our partner. So I Googled “tango about mistakes” and guess what came up as the first result! The famous…


  • Is there still romance?

    Is there still romance?

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a rebellion! I was in this “Tango by year” radio-meeting-show yesterday and someone in between other messages in the chat wrote… “Where is the romance (in our days)?”. It made me think… in between social media.. busy lives… so many other ways of connecting… and so much noise in general……


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