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  • The addictive element in Tango music

    The addictive element in Tango music

    A lot of people say that tango is an addiction and in a post some months ago I wrote about the variety of embraces that maybe makes it addictive as a dance. Recently, I was reading the book “Atomic habits” and in one of the chapters, the author was referring to how the food industry…


  • Addictive evolution

    Addictive evolution

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is an all-time favorite but a little bit changed… kind of evolved… and based on yesterday night’s post and the discussions I was inspired for this post. It was after the end of a milonga in a U-Bahn returning home together with a couple of other dancers and somehow in the discussion……


  • Why is Tango addictive?

    Why is Tango addictive?

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a bad habit…an addiction. We all know where I am going with it. Right? Yes… Obviously tango for many if not all of us is very close to being an addiction. But what is it that makes it so addictive? Many of you might answer the embrace, the music, the…


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