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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is an all-time favorite but a little bit changed… kind of evolved… and based on yesterday night’s post and the discussions I was inspired for this post.

It was after the end of a milonga in a U-Bahn returning home together with a couple of other dancers and somehow in the discussion… one of them tells me something like this “I like dancing with you because there is always something different… something new… a surprise”. She was a partner that we danced quite frequently and yet… every time she could spot something new… or… every time I could do something different… there was almost always an element of surprise. I have received similar comments from partners in Greece lately that don’t see me very often in the last couple of years… so I thought… it was natural… because of the big gaps. But to hear it from someone who you are dancing with almost every week… that was something else. I have to say it’s one of the most flattering comments.

So think about it. It’s not only the variation of embraces, music, etc… it’s also our own evolution and change in time that creates a variety in tango (for others) and therefore helps grow this addiction.

PS. I really like that this version feels a little bit Jazzy… isn’t it?


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