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  • Could Tango DJs become obsolete?

    Could Tango DJs become obsolete?

    Believe it or not… this is what I see as an advantage in this case. I mean, human artists consume a fraction of that input, but mostly they do so intentionally. They know what they want to read, look at, and listen to because they have a formed opinion and a taste.


  • Are Tango DJs leaders or followers?

    Are Tango DJs leaders or followers?

    So here is the dilemma DJs face. Should they play what the community likes and wants or should they try to educate them with a variety of different orchestras? How much are the taste and the trends in a specific, mostly closed community influenced by the DJs of the community?


  • Changing tastes

    Changing tastes

    It was in my first months in Frankfurt and I visited a milonga where a DJ I never heard of before was playing. To my surprise a few days ago I met the DJ and danced with her in another milonga… but that’s another story. To be honest I hadn’t danced a lot that night.…


  • Tribute to DJs

    Tribute to DJs

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… comes after a request from a friend who sometimes acts as a Tango DJ. It also comes with a performance just because some of my non-tango friends need to understand that this IS tango… it is danceable… and yes… we DO dance it! It was only a few months ago in the…


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