Changing tastes

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It was in my first months in Frankfurt and I visited a milonga where a DJ I never heard of before was playing. To my surprise a few days ago I met the DJ and danced with her in another milonga… but that’s another story. To be honest I hadn’t danced a lot that night. Why? I don’t know exactly… the music felt nice but soft and not exciting enough to get me on my feet. I was also used to milongas in Greece where our usual DJ would keep us up with consecutive tandas from D’ Arienzo, Tanturi, Biagi, and the likes.

So, after I left the milonga, I thought about it and send the DJ a message saying something like this… “Thanks for your music… it was really nice and dreamy and this comes from a person who is a fan of more beat-y songs and orchestras”.

Fast forward a few years later. I find myself enjoying a lot more dancing to orchestras like Calo, Troilo, or even Pugliese where melody plays a much bigger role than the beat. Moreover, I even find myself not feeling so tempted to dance to Biagi or D’ Arienzo!

There is an analogy that I heard about the evolution of tango music. In its early years (late 20’s- early 30’s), it sounds like kids playing… full of innocence and playfulness… kindergarten music. Then D’Arienzo comes and the music grows into a full-of-energy teenager. Finally, it’s the turn of Troilo and the likes to come and grow the teenager into a full-fledged sensitive adult!

I don’t know if it’s a sign of getting older, discovering better my sensitive part, or just a matter of taste that will change again and again, but at least I can now enjoy a milonga full of melodic tandas much better than I would 3 years ago!

So tonight’s Goodnight Tango is one of my favorite melodic tangos with a voice that marked this change.


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