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  • Chefs and event organizers

    Chefs and event organizers

    Skin in the game is a principle that says when you trust someone else to do a job for you then it is much better if this someone is also exposed to the risks of not doing the job properly. If the chef and cooks don’t cook well they risk poisoning or not enjoying their…


  • When DiSarli sounds like D’Arienzo

    When DiSarli sounds like D’Arienzo

    We danced a super nice tanda and she was complimenting me and how I evolved in my dancing. I returned the compliments since she has also evolved quite a lot since we both started dancing… and then she says… “Yes… this D’Arienzo Tanda was super!”… and I respond… “Actually… it was Di Sarli… but you…


  • The inverted caveman roles

    The inverted caveman roles

    In one of the lessons in my first year, our teacher asked us the following question. “Take one of your friends that don’t have a clue about Tango and let them see one random performance. Then ask them to tell you what they remember from it. What do you think they will answer?”


  • The unconscious cabeceo

    The unconscious cabeceo

    I have just finished a couple of nice tandas and went into my corner… having almost sunk myself in a large comfy couch. The new tanda starts and I am not really interested in dancing. Just scanned the area around me. In front of me… a group of ladies sitting around a table is talking…


  • Changing tastes

    Changing tastes

    It was in my first months in Frankfurt and I visited a milonga where a DJ I never heard of before was playing. To my surprise a few days ago I met the DJ and danced with her in another milonga… but that’s another story. To be honest I hadn’t danced a lot that night.…


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