The unconscious cabeceo

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I have just finished a couple of nice tandas and went into my corner… having almost sunk myself in a large comfy couch. The new tanda starts and I am not really interested in dancing. Just scanned the area around me. In front of me… a group of ladies sitting around a table is talking to each other. Suddenly, she turns her head around scanning the place. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me. We never had danced before together. At some point, our eyes meet and… instinctively without thinking at all… I just nod!

She nods back and then… my mind starts to work again.

I am thinking… Didn’t I want to relax for a tanda?… How did this happen?… Why did I just cabeceo?…

I stand up and the next thing in mind is… What the hell is this tanda?… Is it time for Tango, Milonga, or Vals?… What orchestra is playing?… What did I get myself into?

We reach the dance floor and I try to hide all these questions and confusion in my mind.

Oh… finally an answer… it’s a milonga!

We embrace… we take our first steps… and I am not thinking anymore… I just know… I can feel it… yes… it’s going to be a great tanda!

And it truly was!

Sometimes you have to just follow your instincts… because as tonight’s Goodnight Tango says… life is a milonga and you have to know how to dance it.

PS. I am not sure if we danced to this song… because as I said I stopped thinking after the first steps.


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