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  • The butterfly effect

    The butterfly effect

    So here you go… the same song… the same melody… and just a tiny detail of a few milliseconds and you get a totally different piece altogether. A few milliseconds on your step and an enormous amount of satisfaction and joy when you make it plus a whole new sensation from the song.


  • Dopamine and oxytocin

    Dopamine and oxytocin

    if you go into this, dancing the emotion, the risk of getting oxytocin instead of dopamin, is quite high. Enjoy it, but be aware you will fall in love, with your dance partner: the tango-love. Just enjoy it but don’t confuse it with real love.


  • Englishman in New York

    Englishman in New York

    I was an Englishman in New york… analyzing a song of a different period and genre with the tools I learned from my Tango journey so far!


  • Makes sense?

    Makes sense?

    How can you make your decisions and opinions even better? Making them sensible. A song is a series of decisions… if you manage to connect them in a logical sequence the whole dance of the song will… make sense. For example, I know that Laurenz has a long variation at the end of “No me…


  • Can a song paralyze you?

    Can a song paralyze you?

    Moreover lyrics, and the story they tell, usually help in making the listener feel for the writer… we often empathize with them… we laugh… love… pain… get angry… express our happiness with them. One of the more impactful effects (I think) is when we somehow identify ourselves as the hero in a song. When you…


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