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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is called “Racing club”… and I think connects very well with my thoughts tonight.

I have recently seen an interview with Horacio Godoy and towards the end, he was explaining that for a milonguero landing a successful cabeceo was a big deal! He was playing against all the other leaders in the room. It was a hard game. And when he finally manages it… it feels like he is scoring the winning goal in a football match! All this process, of course, leads to being very respectful to the partner showing that in his/her embrace.

Have you ever experienced that feeling? Being in a milonga… trying to dance with a specific partner? Just for one tanda… and finally getting there after so many attempts? I still remember times when I was so close to shouting GOOOOOAL like an Argentinian football sportscaster after a successful cabeceo!

Who knows maybe it will happen in our first cabeceos after all this is over…


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