Hugo Diaz and his magic

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Tonight’s goodnight tango… comes from a very special musician… and it’s dedicated to his magical instrument.

The emotions expressed in this particular song… without a single word spoken… just from this one small instrument… are simply amazing!

Tango for me has this element of magic and one of the most magical moments to me is the first cabeceo and the first tanda. The first-ever time you invite someone to dance with you. You somehow decided… “yes… I would like to dance with him/her”. You don’t know each other… you have never met before… you may even not speak the same language… but somehow, sometime, somewhere… you find each other’s eyes… you nod… she/he responds… and there you go. You just started a conversation… without any words spoken. A conversation, that, if it is accompanied by music such as this piece, can be so deep.

This is why I constantly try to invite some new people I have never danced to before. It’s this amazing magic moment… that once you experience it… you can’t stop… you want more.

Of course, magic doesn’t always work… and the result might not be so nice. But you know what they say… No pain, no gain!


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