The heartbeat of syncopation

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They say there is no Tango without syncopation… and they are right. One of the first things that hits you when you start listening to Tango is this strong pa-bam beat in different places of a song. Sometimes even chained one after the other and especially in moments that need to communicate and stress something important. I don’t know how… but it always came as an instinct to me to dance at those moments emphasizing this pa-bam effect with a short sharp movement. I actually anticipate them in the song and really enjoy it when my partner also recognizes it.

It’s only recently that it occurred to me why this effect of syncopations seems so close… so familiar… so natural to me. Well… it’s like a heartbeat!… and we live with this all our lives. Listen to your hearts… and you will get it. They always beat in syncopations!

So come to think of it… syncopations in the song remind us there is a heart inside them… maybe broken… maybe in love… maybe in agony… or who knows in which condition. So, if a song has a heart… and we (our bodies) do so… why not connect them together in our dance?

So there is no better song for tonight’s Goodnight Tango than “Corazon” from the Senor del Tango.


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