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  • Who are they?

    Who are they?

    I had recently the opportunity to experience two very unique maestros (Godoy and Carlitos) dancing in a show and I was even more privileged to see them dancing socially in a normal milonga of the events they were attending. I have already written that seeing them perform live on stage is quite an impressive experience…


  • Shouting in a church

    Shouting in a church

    If the people in the rhonda were a Tango orchestra these couples would be like a violin player trying to overshadow everyone else by constantly trying to play solos ignoring what is in the arrangement! Well… you might be the best violin in the world… but in an orchestra… as part of a group, you…


  • The imitation game

    The imitation game

    From the time we are born, we are taught to imitate and there are numerous examples of experiments that have already proven that when we join a larger group we tend to follow the example of the existing members just because mainly we are afraid of being rejected.


  • Making plans

    Making plans

    “Do you have any plans when you go to a milonga?” …she asked me on our way back home. “I found out that when I make plans… I don’t usually enjoy the milonga… so I try not to make plans and just let myself open to surprises.”… was my answer back then.


  • Musicality: the opinion on music

    Musicality: the opinion on music

    I never really thought about it this way until yesterday’s post… but it totally makes sense!!! The more I think about my dancing before diving into musicality and after… the more I see examples of “subjects” that I have now certain “opinions” on.


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