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Highlights of the year

This is the last post for 2022 and I would like to write a few words about the feelings that this year leaves me with. In the “thank you” post for one of the events, I participated in this year I said that the word that could summarize the event was Recuerdo because it left me with a very nice memory. I believe the same stands for 2022 in general. Although the year may have been stigmatized by the beginning of a war near us coming right after the pandemic together with problems like inflation, poverty, recessions, etc., in terms of tango for me this was all in all… a very nice memory.

Some key moments include the classes with Natalia and Agustin, Horacio and Maricel, and Alexis and Celine. All of them, being amazing teachers and couples, managed to challenge me both physically and most importantly mentally, leaving me with tools, ideas, and (I’d like to think) notable changes in my dance. They were all nice, influencing stops on this lifelong journey to discover your own Tango.

Apart from the teachers that helped me with classes, I would like to also mention here the help I got from Michael Lavocah’s books. Although I started the journey of reading his tango masters series during Covid, this year I finished his book on Pugliese which I believe changed a lot my views on Pugliese, his music, Tango in general, and (believe it or not) my dance. For those still asking themselves… I can say… yes… books can change your dance!

The biggest memory

This brings me to the biggest change/memory of the year. It was sometime around the end of May that I was suggested to create a blog since then I was writing my posts simply as posts on Facebook. So I saw it as a challenge and in a couple of weeks’ time, the blog was ready with close to 80 posts transferred from Facebook as blog posts here. It was a great journey back in time to re-read thoughts and discussions of the last two years mostly during a time we were isolated. Moreover, linking the blog to the Facebook page enabled me to resurface and repost a lot of those old memories and in some cases even reignite conversations. All those memories which are now gathered in one place tell a story. The story of my views on Tango and its connections to different life aspects.

So here we are. One more year in our tango lives. Full of new experiences, embraces, tandas, music, dance, posts, changes, and most of all memories. Memories that without all of you who read, reacted, commented, and discussed these posts would not be there. What else can I say… a big huge warm embrace to fit you all and an enormous THANK YOU that can’t fit in one screen!

Tonights Goodnight Tango

Tonight’s Goodnight Tango couldn’t be anything else other than Pugliese’s Recuerdo. However, it is not in the version of the Maestro himself but from Horacio Salgan’s orchestra. A version that when Pugliese heard it admitted that it was better than what he imagined when he had written the composition. And with that, I wish you all, the memories that the next year will bring will be better than what you ever imagined!


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  1. […] In my review for the last year, I mentioned that reading books about orchestras and stories of different songs helped me understand much better what I was dancing to and made me a better dancer. Yes… Reading can also help you in dancing… Believe it or not. How? Well, most importantly, it provides the context, the ideas, the key messages, the actual stories behind the songs. You read about them, listen to the song and then something changes in you. Like in the presentation from Benjamin Zander. Before playing the piece he said “think about a person who you love and is not with you here today”. Listening to the piece alone you could get the sadness of it. Having this in mind, this sadness has a face, a reason, a person, a deeply personal connection. This alone is providing a context powerful enough to bring tears to your face when you hear it again. […]

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