Year: 2020

  • 2020… what a year?

    2020… what a year?

    WOW! What a year! If there is one thing that you do every year around this time is to look back on what happened in your life in the year that is ending and dream about the new one that comes. Well, I think that for most of us, the dreams for 2020 were quite…


  • A dance to share your sorrow or happiness

    A dance to share your sorrow or happiness

    One could say that tango is mostly a genre of sad music. Not that there are no happy and funny tangos but most of the tangos are talking about lost loves, immigrants and their roots, deaths, the nostalgia of their homeland, etc. Most of them feel sad. In greek, there is a saying that I…


  • Sur: one word, many meanings

    Sur: one word, many meanings

    In my previous post, I wrote about patterns within and among languages. Yesterday, it was another great Tango By Year night traveling back to 1948. So… here is an example of how specific words in specific contexts can mean a lot more than what you can find in a dictionary…. and when you use them…


  • Is music always female?

    Is music always female?

    As you probably know it’s been a few months that I have been taking German lessons. In German as well as in other languages nouns and therefore abstract notions have a gender (I think, English is excluded because everything is neutral unless there is an explicit gender assigned usually by nature). One of the most…


  • The bucket list

    The bucket list

    In my free time sometimes I get to YouTube and just watch different videos that get my attention. From tango performances… to psychology advice, new gadget reviews, ted talks, etc. Today, I saw a video about bucket lists. Things that you would like to do before you die. The guy in the video said something…


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