Year: 2020

  • Together


    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is talking about one… one person looking for this one person who stole his heart. During all these days in my posts, I have received comments from people I met from many different places. In some cases, people who never knew each other before just started exchanging comments and opinions. People who…


  • Hurricane


    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango…doesn’t need any introductions! As I already wrote, I am fascinated by how our minds work especially in terms of memories. I believe many of you have had a similar experience. It starts slowly… like a hurricane… without a notice… you just started dancing with someone for the first time… you ask for…


  • Is there still romance?

    Is there still romance?

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a rebellion! I was in this “Tango by year” radio-meeting-show yesterday and someone in between other messages in the chat wrote… “Where is the romance (in our days)?”. It made me think… in between social media.. busy lives… so many other ways of connecting… and so much noise in general……


  • The cabeceo that I never understood

    The cabeceo that I never understood

    Tonight’s goodnight tango… is a milonga, because the story that follows happened at the beginning of a milonga tanda. It was at a marathon. We have danced a few hours ago and she was now sitting behind another lady I wanted to invite. I made a couple of attempts but not really successful… and suddenly…


  • Presuppositions and reality

    Presuppositions and reality

    Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… talks about an endless search for this one love! Having said enough about my fears in the previous posts I will try tonight to go on the other side. I recently saw a very interesting discussion with Sabrina Veliz, Milena Plebs, and Noelia Hurtado. Among the different things they mentioned… the discussion…


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