Presuppositions and reality

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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… talks about an endless search for this one love!

Having said enough about my fears in the previous posts I will try tonight to go on the other side. I recently saw a very interesting discussion with Sabrina Veliz, Milena Plebs, and Noelia Hurtado. Among the different things they mentioned… the discussion came to how they feel when dancing in milongas. What all of them agreed is that although they have not changed as persons… it is the attitude and the perception of the partners that dance with them that changed. It’s a different thing for someone to dance with any milonguera and a different thing to dance with Noelia for example… and this affects their partner’s dance… and also many times leaves them unsatisfied. As they said… in such cases… people are not really dancing with them.

So, where does our mind lead us when we dance with someone having a specific perception (good or bad) about them? Does it make our dance better or worse?

Or does this perception occupy so much space in our mind that doesn’t leave room for us and our partner to enjoy the moment… and so we are all bound to an endless search for this one good tanda?

PS. They also discussed about the shy guys who don’t dare to cabeceo (but I will write about it tomorrow).


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