The cabeceo that I never understood

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Tonight’s goodnight tango… is a milonga, because the story that follows happened at the beginning of a milonga tanda.

It was at a marathon. We have danced a few hours ago and she was now sitting behind another lady I wanted to invite. I made a couple of attempts but not really successful… and suddenly I see her (not the one I was trying to invite… the other one) standing up. I thought she probably wants to go for some water or to the toilet or something… but then I realized she was coming in my direction… and I was not on the way to the toilet or anything else. Strange… I thought… but just in case… as I was already standing close to the dancefloor… I made a couple of steps toward the dancefloor. All this time, as I was watching her approach, I was in doubt… is she coming to me? Did I nod at her? Is she coming for someone else near me? What is going on here? I think it was in her last step that my questions were answered. Yes… she came to dance with me! Right after the first song, she told me… “You are so hard to cabeceo!”

And… this was possibly my first experience of female cabeceo… since then I am much more careful!


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