Is there still romance?

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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is about a rebellion!

I was in this “Tango by year” radio-meeting-show yesterday and someone in between other messages in the chat wrote… “Where is the romance (in our days)?”. It made me think… in between social media.. busy lives… so many other ways of connecting… and so much noise in general… is there today room for romance? Are there still romantic people left? Many people would say that today’s romance is lost… but I beg to differ. When we have hundreds of thousands of people worldwide listening to such music, dancing to it, and longing to dance again in milongas I believe there is still a lot of romance and a lot of romantic people out there. And it’s not only in tango… I don’t think we are the only romantics left in the world. Maybe we are not so loud… not so obvious… hidden in our small bubbles… but still we are here! … and I think we have the power to make this world a little bit better with our way of thinking.

So… let’s continue our rebellion!


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