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Tonight’s Goodnight Tango… is talking about one… one person looking for this one person who stole his heart.

During all these days in my posts, I have received comments from people I met from many different places. In some cases, people who never knew each other before just started exchanging comments and opinions. People who never met each other interacting… having Tango as the only common piece in their lives. A short time after coronavirus started affecting tango communities around the world there was this group on Facebook created called “I am not dancing tango so I did this instead”. In just a few days thousands of people joined and started sharing all kinds of activities, questions, ideas, etc. People not knowing each other… all feeling the same way about not dancing… communicating! It felt somehow like group therapy! And just a few minutes ago I saw an interview by Chino Perico (an old milonguero) and what he finished with was that he is amazed by the way that tango today brings people together!

Isn’t this amazing? One little piece of our lives brings us together.


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