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  • The most powerful Tango step

    The most powerful Tango step

    When you hug a person for a few seconds it’s mostly natural. We all do this more or less with friends and relatives especially when you meet after a long time… right? Have you ever hugged somebody for more than 5 to 6 seconds? When was it? What happened after? I remember for example hugging…


  • We survived

    We survived

    “We survived” she said, now that we managed to meet and dance again after almost 18 months. Survival… yes… we managed to survive so far in a very strange period and I can’t help thinking of the parallels with the era when tango really thrived. It is a strange coincidence… Tango really thrived in the…


  • Open air milongas

    Open air milongas

    Now that Corona seems to leave us and we return to some kind of normal we return also to dancing. Of course, some restrictions still apply and in many places, open-air practicas, milongas, and similar gatherings are organized in all kinds of locations. I was discussing the other day in one such open-air gathering with…


  • The peripheral

    The peripheral

    It was a long time since I read one of William Gibson’s books, a writer that I follow for a long time and one of the most visionaries in the cyberpunk genre. I just finished yesterday one of his latest books with the title “The peripheral”. In this book, he is writing about a reality,…


  • 2020… what a year?

    2020… what a year?

    WOW! What a year! If there is one thing that you do every year around this time is to look back on what happened in your life in the year that is ending and dream about the new one that comes. Well, I think that for most of us, the dreams for 2020 were quite…


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