Open air milongas

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Now that Corona seems to leave us and we return to some kind of normal we return also to dancing. Of course, some restrictions still apply and in many places, open-air practicas, milongas, and similar gatherings are organized in all kinds of locations. I was discussing the other day in one such open-air gathering with a friend, that I would like for such events to continue every summer (when the weather allows it) even when corona is just a memory. She agreed because the place we were at the time, has such a nice atmosphere scenery, and location that we sometimes feel like a touristic sight! Strangers passing by stop… listen… see… take photos… videos… etc.

Some of the dancers may complain that the floor is not optimal, the sound is not always the best, and that there are so many other difficulties… but think about it. Tango such as tonight’s Goodnight Tango describes that the dance was born on the streets… it was dirty, hard, and messy. It was not born in shiny clean salons as we now usually see and enjoy it.

PS. Not to mention that this way… so many people get to know the dance just by passing by the place and maybe some of them will join our communities!


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