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  • Tango is dead

    Tango is dead

    It’s all about the language again. Yes. If we see Tango as a language, together with all the characteristics we use to describe its functions we should also examine its historical evolution. In particular if tango (as a language) is still alive or dead. Languages can die when the population that uses them is either…


  • Access and value of music in the age of AI

    Access and value of music in the age of AI

    So what will this mean for the value of music? Will we still appreciate it as much? Will we still appreciate artists as much? Will the even bigger abundance of music create even bigger chaos in the music industry?


  • Incomplete


    If you ever really grasp this… you can understand that there is no leading and following in Tango. There was never such a thing… not even from its beginning. There is only cooperation… partnership… like in a family… in a couple… from the age of cavemen till today… where the man hunted and the woman…


  • Can a song paralyze you?

    Can a song paralyze you?

    Moreover lyrics, and the story they tell, usually help in making the listener feel for the writer… we often empathize with them… we laugh… love… pain… get angry… express our happiness with them. One of the more impactful effects (I think) is when we somehow identify ourselves as the hero in a song. When you…


  • Why do more?

    Why do more?

    Similarly, another great song is Mensaje. The story has it that the song was written roughly by Enrique Discépolo who shortly after died. Cátulo Castillo who took the composition from Discépolo’s wife, Tania, forgot about it. Until a night when, as he says, Discépolo visited him in his sleep and dictated to him the lyrics.…


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