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  • I love Pugliese!

    I love Pugliese!

    From the moment I read that he operated the orchestra as a collective allowing and rewarding every member based on their contributions, I realized why it is so complex. It’s like a discussion where you merge opinions on a subject from all different sides of the spectrum. That is why his pieces can sound so…


  • Coexistence


    So, apart from many other things… Tango and its evolution through time, managed to bridge somehow the gaps of social classes and bring together people under the umbrella of music and emotions communicated through it. That is, I guess, one more reason that makes it so universal!


  • Crazy censorship

    Crazy censorship

    I was inspired to write a kind of political post connecting the history of tango and especially the censorship it has gone through from the oppressive regime of Peron. Today, sadly, we relive in the most horrible way, how such a madness of some politicians can drive even the whole planet to chaos.


  • Dancing loudly to silent songs

    Dancing loudly to silent songs

    Personally, I find that even standing and breathing together in the embrace listening to Goyeneche’s voice and Troilo’s bandoneon is already powerful and overwhelming enough as an experience that any addition to this must be so delicate, simple, and quiet because otherwise, it will destroy the essence of the song. Rivero (who sang the song…


  • 5 in 1

    5 in 1

    In my previous post, I wrote how some tango songs seem to strike a perfect macaroon-like balance between different elements in their music and how this makes them irresistible! Extending this line of thought one could think the same about dancing. If a perfect song makes you want to listen to it again and again…


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