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  • Are Tango DJs leaders or followers?

    Are Tango DJs leaders or followers?

    So here is the dilemma DJs face. Should they play what the community likes and wants or should they try to educate them with a variety of different orchestras? How much are the taste and the trends in a specific, mostly closed community influenced by the DJs of the community?


  • A different way of learning Tango

    A different way of learning Tango

    In this post, I want to focus on the way we learn Tango. Usually, we are impressed by the shows… we go to a school and start learning steps, sequences, techniques, etc. Then, some of us who are lucky to encounter an inspiring teacher, start to get more into the music.


  • Rejections or losses?

    Rejections or losses?

    In our tango journeys, we often experience rejection. Dancers that we would like to dance with and never respond to our cabeceo… dancers who might have danced with them once and then they seem to constantly ignore us thereafter… and so many more stories of rejection.


  • Music industry now and then

    Music industry now and then

    A few weeks ago I bumped into an article discussing a current phenomenon in the music industry. As it appears from different statistics people tend to prefer older music more than new (whereas new is the music released in the last 18 months). The article more or less suggested that this is a failure of…


  • Au revoir

    Au revoir

    In our lives, people come and go all the time. People we meet randomly in our everyday routines, colleagues, relatives, parents, friends, partners, all kinds of different relationships… close and not. Sometimes, separations are difficult… full of pain…. tears… broken hearts. Sometimes separations are easier… happier… joyful. Sometimes they are bittersweet… happy and sad at…


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