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  • Returns


    In my previous Goodnight Tango post, I have written about the verse-chorus pattern of songs and the similarities they bear with the typical story of a hero going on an adventure and getting back home changed. A very interesting and enjoyable discussion evolved between me, Nadine, Ramiro, and Kostas who at a point wrote that…


  • Open air milongas

    Open air milongas

    Now that Corona seems to leave us and we return to some kind of normal we return also to dancing. Of course, some restrictions still apply and in many places, open-air practicas, milongas, and similar gatherings are organized in all kinds of locations. I was discussing the other day in one such open-air gathering with…


  • Sur: one word, many meanings

    Sur: one word, many meanings

    In my previous post, I wrote about patterns within and among languages. Yesterday, it was another great Tango By Year night traveling back to 1948. So… here is an example of how specific words in specific contexts can mean a lot more than what you can find in a dictionary…. and when you use them…


  • The singer who speaks

    The singer who speaks

    Tonight’s good night tango… is the same as yesterday. Ha… you didn’t see that coming? The idea came after the discussion yesterday night about the lyrics of the song. Before posting the song yesterday, I found and heard this version from Goyeneche, so the discussion about the lyrics made me think about the differences between…


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