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In my previous Goodnight Tango post, I have written about the verse-chorus pattern of songs and the similarities they bear with the typical story of a hero going on an adventure and getting back home changed.

A very interesting and enjoyable discussion evolved between me, Nadine, Ramiro, and Kostas who at a point wrote that in Tango the learning process is the adventure and the dancing itself is the home… our destination.

I liked a lot this idea… and I’d like to expand on it. So if dancing is the home… and every dance is different from any other previous (as Ramiro very well said) that means that almost every tanda is like home… a destination we reach. Sometimes we like it a lot… sometimes we are not sure and we want to pay another visit… and sometimes it’s so horrible you don’t want to see it again.

My question then is… if we constantly learn and change… and then want to visit a “home” we liked (dance the same kind of tanda with the same person). What makes us believe it will still be there?… and what guarantee do we have that we will still like it? Can we really return to that same home? Or do we just get back to it hoping it will still be nice?

To me… it seems like the homes… the dances… the tandas we built… are destined to live only in our memory and get demolished right after we built them! How ironically beautiful is this?… we are all building something that is destroyed the next moment… and although we know that… we still seek and long to return to it.

But what do we find there?

PS. Tonight’s Goodnight Tango is the story of a man who returns to the home where his love once lived only to find… nada!

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