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In most of my tango dancing photos I look so serious… maybe sad… like I’m in a funeral or something. I guess that’s the reason why I hardly find my face in photos from events like marathons etc.

However, I recently saw a photo that really made my day. No, I was not smiling… not doing a funny face… or looking happy… actually, I don’t how I looked because… I wasn’t facing the camera. The only thing you could see of me was my back. But, the smile on my partner’s face, her closed eyes, and her warm embrace made the picture look so wonderful.

I immediately thought… I might not be looking good in my tango dancing photos but at least my partners can have some really nice photos “behind my back”. I also noticed another pattern searching back in other photos. In many of those “behind my back” photos my partners seem to have their eyes closed… almost like dreaming… and to be honest… these are the best tango photos I have!

The dreaming behind my back photos!

So tonight’s Goodnight Tango is asking us to dream and nothing else and is accompanied by a suggestion to all those tango photographer friends… aim for the dreams behind my back.


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