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  • The Tango market problem

    Where does all this leave us? Can we rate Tango teachers like any other professional out there? Can we say who is a good Tango teacher? The question can be answered when the customers have clear expectations. But is this the case? Do we even know why we start Tango? Is it the same reason…

  • What story are you telling?

    “I now understand how important it is to listen to a lot of music.” A good friend (follower) told me recently. She explained that when she knows the song she feels more confident and natural for her to also contribute to the dance.

  • Tango porn

    Tango performances are in many cases designed to impress, much like porn videos. They are both shows. The partners even when they improvise, have a considerable amount of training between them to know very well each other to be able to perform complex moves.

  • close up photography of woman sleeping

    My best photos

    I might not be looking good in my tango dancing photos but at least my partners can have some really nice photos “behind my back”. I also noticed another pattern searching back in other photos. In many of those “behind my back” photos my partners seem to have their eyes closed… almost like dreaming… and…

  • 2020… what a year?

    WOW! What a year! If there is one thing that you do every year around this time is to look back on what happened in your life in the year that is ending and dream about the new one that comes. Well, I think that for most of us, the dreams for 2020 were quite…

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