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In one of my previous Goodnight Tango posts, a few weeks ago… I mentioned an old podcast I was listening to from Jordan B Peterson discussing with Samuel Andreyev who is a musician and composer about music. One of the really interesting points made in the discussion was that the type of songs with the verse-chorus structure emerged in the baroque era after renaissance. This structure has a lot of similarities with the very basic story pattern where the hero goes on an adventure and returns to his base changed and when he then sets again for the next adventure he is already changed and seeks new changes.

Last weekend, I followed some workshops with Horacio Godoy and Cecilia Berra who at some point mentioned that if you compare the first part (part A) of a typical tango song to the same part when it appears again later in the song you will almost always find something new in it. The first time part A is simple… and then it gets more complicated like adding a counter melody or a variation etc.

The example he used was “Pensalo bien” and I think it really ties with the typical story pattern mentioned before. It’s actually the best example because the message is also hidden in the lyrics. The song says… “Think about it carefully before you make your next step” (for another adventure).

So… here’s my question to all of us. How much did we change from the previous adventure we set for?


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