Taste is a matter of time

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“What is your favorite orchestra?” she asked… and it took me a few seconds to think about it. Finally, I ended up saying that I don’t have a specific favorite orchestra but this changes from time to time depending on my mood and current situation. I always thought that this is a stupid answer just to avoid taking a clear position like “I like D’Arienzo”… Troillo… or whatever other orchestras. I thought it is a diplomatic answer… or that I don’t really have a strong taste for something.

So… yesterday night… before going to bed… I was listening to an old podcast from Jordan B Peterson discussing with Samuel Andreyev who is a musician and composer about music and they said something that made my answer actually make sense.

Music has two very strange characteristics. The first one is that it reveals to you different things depending on which way you look at it. The second is that it’s inexhaustible. You can hear the same piece as many times as you like and you may still discover new qualities in it.

So… as people change, so does our view on the music, and since music is inexhaustible, no matter how many times you get back to a specific musical piece you never know what new surprises it has in store for you.

Thus, tonight’s Goodnight Tango comes from an orchestra that you fall in love with it every time you revisit it!


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