Embracing the unexpected

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We are dancing and suddenly she does a couple of more steps than I had expected. Not breaking the embrace… not getting out of rhythm or music… just a couple of notes more that she notices and emphasizes. I get what she noticed and let her know it was nice. When the song ends… she asks me… “How does it feel for the leader when I do this? Does it confuse you?”

I have never been asked something like this before and to be honest, if any partner asked me the same question a couple of years ago… I would say straight away… “yes… it confuses me, I don’t get it and I think you are making a mistake and you should stop doing it.”. However, now… I said “Not at all… I actually enjoy it.” and I was completely honest! It took me some time but now I feel I get more of this “conversation” part in tango.. and as much as I like surprising my partner with unexpected moves and combinations I also now enjoy very much being surprised.

By this time I think I also managed to develop a much better sense of responding to such surprises by not letting myself get disconnected or confused so much. So what felt like a mistake in the past now just feels more like a pleasant surprise and that made tango a whole lot more fun!

And this is why I am posting this performance as tonight’s Goodnight Tango. Just look at Carlito’s reaction in the final piano solo (2:47)… he doesn’t panic… doesn’t lose his mind… doesn’t freeze… just lets Noellia start doing her amazing phrasing stepping on the piano and he joins her following the marcato to provide a solid base for her.

What an amazing moment!


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