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  • Is social tango good for shows?

    Is social tango good for shows?

    So given this contradiction, I was asking myself if social tango is good enough for performances. I mean how much would people be interested in looking at couples dancing with simple steps, without big colgadas, back sacadas, complex ganchos, and all kinds of fancy moves?


  • Tango porn

    Tango porn

    Tango performances are in many cases designed to impress, much like porn videos. They are both shows. The partners even when they improvise, have a considerable amount of training between them to know very well each other to be able to perform complex moves.


  • The most powerful Tango step

    The most powerful Tango step

    When you hug a person for a few seconds it’s mostly natural. We all do this more or less with friends and relatives especially when you meet after a long time… right? Have you ever hugged somebody for more than 5 to 6 seconds? When was it? What happened after? I remember for example hugging…


  • Why do more?

    Why do more?

    Similarly, another great song is Mensaje. The story has it that the song was written roughly by Enrique Discépolo who shortly after died. Cátulo Castillo who took the composition from Discépolo’s wife, Tania, forgot about it. Until a night when, as he says, Discépolo visited him in his sleep and dictated to him the lyrics.…


  • 5 in 1

    5 in 1

    In my previous post, I wrote how some tango songs seem to strike a perfect macaroon-like balance between different elements in their music and how this makes them irresistible! Extending this line of thought one could think the same about dancing. If a perfect song makes you want to listen to it again and again…


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