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When was the last time you experienced a small pleasant surprise? An almost forgotten melody played by a street musician while you walk by, a nice scenery while waiting for the bus or the train, a small kid smiling at you on the road, a smell of fresh bread walking out of a bakery… you know… things that you might expect… but never stop to surprise and put a smile on your face.

Well, if you dance Tango we have so many chances for these small pleasant surprises. They are the so-called bridges, fills, or however you want to call them and they are those little moments when the song seems like making a small pause, putting a comma or a full stop, and getting somehow out of the normal flow.

Surprises like Biagi’s hasty runs on the keys of his piano… or Di Sarli’s uplifting bells…. or even crazy stuff like Donato’s cat. Moments in the song that you know… you probably expect… sometimes you even catch and dance them… but even better when your partner surprises you by dancing to them… definitely put a smile on your face!

So tonight’s Goodnight Tango has one of the craziest bridges in my opinion… Echague’s hiccup!

PS. Imagine dancing to this and actually having a real hiccup at the same time!!!


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