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Why do you dance Tango?…

I once read a very interesting blog post on this question and till then the question is always on my mind. Of course, the answers differ from person to person but think about what makes you happier when you dance? What makes you feel this deep satisfaction and fulfillment when you dance?

I wrote in a post some time ago about the genuine smile you see in the eyes of your partner after the end of the tanda. Maybe it’s also this feeling that makes us stand still between the songs in a tanda… not saying a word… embraced… just standing there at the same exact place the end of the song found us… until the next one.

In my opinion, the best reason to dance Tango is to give pleasure to someone else… to make your partner happy… regardless if this will make YOU happy. When you try to do this in each every tanda you dance… then you ll start getting the same in response. People will be dancing with you to pay you off… for the pleasurable moment you offered to them… and this endless exchange will keep you motivated to continue dancing.

So… as tonight’s Goodnight Tango says… “Good and nothing more…” that’s my answer to the why.


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